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Village Green

Weston's Village Green has a unique history.  It was created in 1886 from citizen Oliver Farrar's frog pond by nine remarkable women for the purpose of establishing  a public park in the town of Weston.  To accept the deed to the site they formed the Farrar Park Association which was incorporated by a special Act of the Vermont State Legislature. More that a century later the Park is still own owned not by the Town but by the corporation of nine women Trustees who are dedicated to maintaining a place of beauty and tranquility for public enjoyment at Weston's town center.  It is now maintained by a yearly contribution from the Town, income from an endowment fund, and voluntary donations from users.  There are no fees for usage by the community, and no commercial activities are allowed.  The Park remains a place of rest and relaxation from a busy world. 

Village Green Trustees
© Photo Courtesy of Ladies on the Green

Farrar Park
© Photo Courtesy of Ladies on the Green

Historical Village Green
©  Photo Courtesy of Weston Historical Society